Seashore – New Name, New Focus

Vernazza Seashore

I am proud to announce the new incarnation of my consulting business. After ten years running Chicken Wing Software, I decided it was time for a reboot. I bring with me my years of experience creating solid, dependable software, custom made for each client; and my extensive portfolio of projects for the web and mobile.

But with the name change comes a narrowing of focus. I want to help just those clients I can offer the most value. I am excited to work with small and medium-size businesses to create the custom software you need to run your company better.

I thought long and hard about the name choice. There were many finalists that would have been fantastic. I liked “Glissando” for the musical reference. I liked “Circuit Road” because it’s the name of a street where I used to live. As you can see, I settled on Seashore. It’s not cutesy, it’s not clever, but it evokes good feelings, and it’s solid and professional. It’s also deeply personal, as I grew up by Cape Cod National Seashore, learning to associate those words with the natural beauty of the area. And now I call Folly Beach, South Carolina my home, another gem of a place along the sea.

The name Seashore captures the sense of beauty, the sense of calm that I want clients to feel when they work with me. A peace based on the confidence that their mission-critical software is in good hands.

I will also be bringing on some help. Over the years, I’ve filled my contact list with talented designers, developers, testers, and other professionals. The best of the best. I will tap into that network as needed to deliver projects at the speed of your business, while keeping the strict quality standards I have always maintained.

It’s an exciting transition, and there is more to come. Welcome to the Seashore.