Could your business run better?

You’ve gone as far as you can with Excel spreadsheets.

Construction Worker with iPadYour admin Jess is a genius at setting up just the right formulas and putting in data, but when she went on vacation last month the whole business came to a standstill.

Or maybe work is slipping through the cracks. Hank the maintenance guy never finished that task you wanted him to do. He says you never told him about it. You could swear you did but you’re so busy you can’t be sure.

Customers are starting to notice.

Or you’re turning customers away. You’d love the work, but just don’t have time. There’s too much to keep track of.

The worst part: your wife or husband asks why you never seem to stop working. You’re always dealing with one work emergency or another, long after you’re home for the night.

Software can help.

You can replace those spreadsheets with a custom app, one made just for you.

No more lost tasks, no more missed emails, no more excuses.

Software helps you track customers and what they need. Track employees and what they’re doing. Track money as it flows into your bank account.

Get more done so you can rest easy.

Can you afford it?

Well-made software is like another employee, but one you only have to pay for once. Yes, there is an upfront price and a small maintenance cost, but it will keep working long after it has paid for itself.

Software works 24 hours a day.

Software doesn’t take vacations.

Software won’t quit or retire.

But what about my current employees?

Is your team worried they’ll lose out to automation? In your growing business, they can rest easy.

Good business processes backed by smart tools make everyone’s job easier, more predictable, and less stressful.

You can handle more customers without adding more employees.

With custom software, we’ve got something that none of our competitors have. This gives us a substantial competitive advantage and allows us to operate far more efficiently than before. It also offers insights into our business that would have otherwise been extremely labor intensive to discover.

Our custom software is one of our company’s most valuable assets. It’s was more expensive and time consuming to create than relying on something off the shelf, but it fits our business needs perfectly.

Eddie did fantastic work.

Why Seashore

You know what’s unique about your business, and so do your customers. You’ve looked at the off-the-shelf solutions and none of them solve your problems. You want an solution that is all yours.

And you need a company who understands that.

If you know you’re ready for your custom app, let’s do it!

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