Edmund M. Sullivan

PO Box 311
Folly Beach, SC 29439

Phone: 339-927-4395
URL: https://seashore.io


Programming Languages: Swift, Python, Objective C, JavaScript, C/C++, Java, C#/.NET, PHP, Scheme, Tcl/Expect, Visual Basic, assembly.

Platforms and Frameworks: iOS, MacOS, Django, React Native, Android, UNIX/Linux, Windows.

Other Technologies: HTML5, CSS, SQL, NoSQL.

Consulting Experience

I founded Seashore, my software consulting company, in September 2006. Below are some representative projects. Full portfolio available at www.seashore.io

Cutting Edge Streaming Video App: divx.com
January 2019-May 2019

  • Developed code in React Native, Objective C, and Swift for an iOS app.
  • Developed code in React Native and Java for an Android app.
  • Wrote iOS and Android code for advanced video recording and streaming capabilities.
  • Implemented support for WebRTC.

Innovative Fantasy-Football/Collectibles App: hashletes.com
August 2018-January 2019

  • Developed code in React Native, Objective C, and Swift for an iOS app.
  • Used GraphQL to synchronize a large, dynamically changing, database of player data and statistics.
  • Collaborated as part of a fully distributed team across multiple timezones.
  • Worked on an elegant, beautifully animated user interface using React Native.

iOS fitness app: evolvehealth.io
Evolve Health

  • Bootstrapped the iOS development environment using the Swift language, The Parse platform, and modern mobile technologies.
  • Created a natural language processing library for voice recognition.
  • Implemented a beautiful and dynamic user interface design.
  • Wrote a large percentage of the shipping code, available now on the App Store.

Custom MacOS sales app
Acadia Shutters
August 2016-present

  • Developed code in Objective C for an app for sales reps to use on customer premises.
  • Implemented complex multithreaded routines to enable background network synchronization.
  • Implemented custom-designed user interface components.

Social network incentive framework
Loop Lingo

  • Worked with multiple online merchants to allow them to incentivize and track sharing of purchases and links on social networks.
  • Designed and developed software in Python and Django, with Bootstrap, JavaScript, and AngularJS on the front end.
  • Integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.
  • Set up a high-availability and scalable site using Amazon Web Services.

Desktop video conferencing software

  • Designed, developed, and maintained desktop software in C++ for the Windows platform, using COM and DirectX.
  • Created a reliable SIP client supporting modern audio and video codecs, including VP8 and G.711 and H.264.

Usability testing software
NIST / Usability Works

  • Designed and developed desktop software in C# and .NET for A/B testing of prototypes.
  • Provided for data collation and export to Excel.

Suite of guitar reference apps for iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows
Guitarator Toolbox guitarator.com

  • Allows looking up chords and scales for guitar or any stringed instrument, in any tuning. Reverse Chorderator provides for “reverse” chord lookup.
  • Windows app in C# and .NET.
  • Android apps in Java using the Android SDK.
  • iOS and MacOS apps in Swift and Objective C.
  • Web-apps developed in Python and JavaScript
  • Allows looking up chord charts and scale charts for guitar or any stringed instrument, in any tuning, provides for “reverse” chord lookup.
  • Available for purchase and download. I also developed the online store in Python/Django with PayPal integration.

C++ Systems software
Digital Cove Interactive

  • Created a high-performance SMTP client and server to run in a high-load Linux environment, for an email processing system.
  • Implemented subscribe and unsubscribe functionality.
  • Implemented DKIM authentication to verify the email sender is not a spammer.

Employment Experience

Senior Firmware Engineer
Gemstar / TV Guide Onscreen
June 2004-September 2006

  • Designed and wrote embedded real-time software in C for an electronic program guide (EPG) for televisions, DVD-recorders, DVRs, etc.
  • Developed graphical debugging tools in C# .NET using advanced features such as remoting and multithreading.
  • Worked directly with multinational customers to integrate the TV Guide Onscreen EPG into their products. As Lead Engineer for several integration projects, participated in on-site meetings and weekly international conference calls.
  • Designed and developed an automated test suite in Python and C#.

Senior Software Engineer
Juniper Networks (formerly Unisphere)
September 2001-January 2004

  • Designed and developed embedded software in C and C++, using the VxWorks RTOS.
  • Worked on control processor software for the following network protocols: Sonet, Ds3, Ds1, HDLC, and Ethernet.
  • Designed and implemented low-level device drivers, worked to bring up and debug new hardware, including PCI controllers, network interface controllers, and custom FPGAs and ASICs.
  • Worked on system-level software for redundancy, hardware monitoring, CLI interaction, and software download.

Software Engineer
Starent Networks
January 2001-June 2001

  • Developed software in C, C++, and Perl for a Linux platform as part of a startup company creating the next generation of high-speed mobile wireless infrastructure (3G wireless).
  • Designed and implemented the system startup sequence and dynamic task creation sequence for a large-scale, carrier-class networking product.
  • Designed and implemented a software simulation environment on the Linux operating system, to simulate the entire software system on a desktop PC.

Software Engineer Level Two
Arris Interactive (formerly part of Nortel Networks)
June 1999-December 2000

  • Developed embedded software in C, C++, and assembly (MIPS and PowerPC) for DOCSIS 1.1 broadband cable devices (data and voice over cable television lines). Worked as part of a multi-site team developing large-scale carrier-grade equipment.
  • Ported a large base of software from the Nucleus Plus embedded operating system to VxWorks 5.4.
  • Designed and developed low-level device drivers for Broadcom and Texas Instruments controller chips.
  • Developed a suite of automated test scripts written in Tcl on a Linux server, utilizing Netcom Smartbits network testing devices.

Teaching Assistant
Harvard University Extension School
September 1998-February 1999

  • Advanced-level C++ programming class.
  • Taught 30 students for one hour per week, graded projects and tests, and held office hours to assist students with assignments.

MERL – A Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory
June 1998-June 1999

  • Research and development of electronic devices: Self-describing Building Blocks. Project was presented at Siggraph 2000.
  • Created a graphical application in OpenGL and Visual C++. Developed embedded software in PIC Assembly Language.
  • Named as co-inventor for two patents.


  • B.S. in Computer Engineering, May 1999. Pertinent course work: Communications Systems, Advanced Microprocessor Architecture, Data Structures in C++, GUI design, CMOS VLSI Design, Digital Logic Systems.
    Tufts University

    Overall GPA: 3.6 out of 4.0