Here is a partial list of recent projects. Please also look at Eddie Sullivan's resume, for full-time work experience and a sampling of consulting work.


Innovative Fantasy-Football Digital Collectibles App

Hashletes Icon For iPhone and iPad.

Hashletes badge

I provided the following services to the Hashletes team:

  • Developed code in React Native, Objective C, and Swift for an iOS app.
  • Used GraphQL to synchronize a large, dynamically changing, database of player data and statistics.
  • Collaborated as part of a fully distributed team across multiple timezones.
  • Worked on an elegant, beautifully animated user interface using React Native.

Evolve Health

Fitness Tracking App

Evolve Icon For iPhone and iPad.

Evolve badge

I provided the following services to the Evolve team:

  • Bootstrapped the iOS development environment using the Swift language, The Parse platform, and modern mobile technologies.
  • Developed a natural language processing library for voice recognition
  • Implemented a beautiful user interface design.
  • Wrote a large percentage of the shipping code.

Loop Lingo

Social Marketing solutions platform

Loop Lingo logo
  • Customers of online merchants save money and earn rewards by sharing with friends.
  • Customized backends for merchants, sales reps, and customers.
  • Detailed tracking and statistics.

Play Scopa

Online multiplayer card game

Scopa Icon

Scopa badge
  • Online multiplayer version of a traditional Italian card game.
  • Realtime game play
  • AJAX/Comet
  • Sophisticated JavaScript-based animation.
  • Authentication via Facebook.

Usability Test Software

Developed for U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology

  • Created a Windows desktop application in C# for NIST - the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Usability Works.
  • The application presented a dynamic customizable graphical user interface to a questionnaire and usability test.
  • The program logged results and created reports based on users' responses.